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the-halal-tabaq-restaurants-review the-halal-tabaq-restaurants-review

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The Halal Tabaq Restaurant’s Review

It is quite rare that one finds a restaurant in a city like Mississauga that serves a variety of Pakistani and Indian cuisines. The Halal Tabaq Restaurant’s was first started by Haji Muhammad Jamil in 1998 and still continues to serve the residents of the city with a variety of desi food. The restaurant is a quite popular place. Even the people of Canadian origin come to have meals at the restaurant to unravel and enjoy the savory cuisines of Asian origin.

Food and Quality

The ingredients they use to prepare the food are of high quality. It is also made sure that the cuisines served are prepared without any touch of Canadian flavors to retain the Asian taste of the dishes. The types of meat used are 100% halal, And healthy. Fresh cuisines are served to the customers. Moreover, the rates charged per meals are also moderate. Thus, if you’re one resident of Mississauga who loves Indian and Pakistani food, the Halal Tabaq Restaurant would definitely not disappoint.

The environment of the restaurant is also very friendly. The staff working is very cooperative, and they make sure that the customers have to face no problem of any sort. From giving orders till leaving the restaurant, the guests get to experience really good customer services. Even though the food served is freshly made, the chefs hired are efficient enough to place your order at the table without making you wait too long. There is also an adequate spacing for the customers who wish to dine in. This prevents hustle bustle in the restaurant despite a number of people attending.

Furthermore, not only the front of the house but also the back of the house is kept clean; hygienic conditions are maintained. Thus, this factor gives the restaurant an edge as there no unsightly accumulation of dirt and the food prepared is also healthy and not contaminated by germs.

For it has aromatic and delicious food freshly prepared in hygienic conditions, provided that the dining area itself is clean, and customer satisfaction is their top priority the restaurant remains one busy place. These factors also make the restaurant a very good choice for enjoying Pakistani and Indian meals. It is, hence, for this reason, the restaurant enjoys a rating of 3.6 out of 5.

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