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Halal Hot Bites Pizza Reviews


Halal Hot Bites Pizza is the best place in Mississauga if you want to have a halal pizza which is also very delicious. The restaurant will definitely serve your pizza cravings! This place is popular for the American and Italian cuisines it offers which include a wide range of pizzas, as well as different appetizers and desserts, to give you a complete meal under one roof.


This place is open throughout the week, and the timings are:

  • Monday to Thursday 12 pm – 12 am
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12 pm – 4 am


Halal Hot Bites Pizza offers a variety of pizzas which include choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They also provide a huge range of appetizers and desserts that make a great combination. Their menu includes:

  • Chicken/vegetable pizza
  • Different types of bread
  • Nuggets
  • Wings of many flavors
  • Sodas
  • Desserts
  • Combo deals
  • Salads

They have pizzas of different sizes, which are medium, large, and extra-large, and you can choose any option that suits you. To check the detailed menu of this place along with the prices, go to or

One quality that makes Halal Hot Bites Pizza the favorite food destination for people is that the food is halal and cooked according to the set standards. They give services of high quality and give all it takes to satisfy the hunger of their customers while keeping in mind that their expectations are met.

Environment and Ambience

The moment you enter this restaurant, it is hard to keep your feelings intact because the aroma of cheese and their Italian herbs make it hard to resist the urge for good food. Dining here is a pleasant experience. The food is always fresh and up to the mark whereas the tantalizing smell of the food makes you feel hungrier. This place is the best to go to if you wish to have halal food and would like to give a treat to your taste buds.

This place relaxes your mind, and the serene environment adds a tip to your experience. They offer delivery and takeaway services too. You can book your order online as well, and it will be available at your doorstep for your convenience.

Staff and Service

The staff at Halal Hot Bites Pizza is efficient in its performance and provides the best services to its customers. The employees are experts at their job and give fresh food which is halal and comes hot from the oven to the customers while maintaining their standards. The warm gesture of the staff makes everyone feel welcome, and they wish to visit again.


Halal Hot Bites Pizza offers amazing food at an affordable price and provides a wholesome meal that is enough to fulfill your hunger.

Final Verdict

Halal Hot Bites Pizza is the favorite place for people in Mississauga who want to have halal and authentic Italian food at a price that would suit their range and is loved by all.

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