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fattoush-mediterranean-grill-review fattoush-mediterranean-grill-review

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Fattoush Mediterranean Grill Review


Fattoush Mediterranean Grill offers a great dining experience in Brampton. They are popular for serving the best halal Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price. Their specialties include shawarmas, hummus, and other dishes which are extremely delicious and make this place a favorite for foodies.


  • Monday to Friday – 10 am to 10 pm
  • Saturday –  11 am to 10 pm


Fattoush Mediterranean Grill provides a great variety of halal Mediterranean food. The customers can choose food according to their liking and taste. Their amazing menu offers:

  • Beef Shawarma
  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Appetizers
  • Chicken biryani/Rice
  • Salads
  • Wraps
  • Combinations you can choose
  • Variety of other shawarmas
  • Meat dishes

Check out the menu in detail along with the prices at

The food they serve is always fresh and appealing. They have set high standards of food to impress their customers and maintain their place in the hearts of food lovers. Everything on their menu is equally tasty and mouthwatering, but they are famous for their delicious shawarmas, which are perfect with the crunchiness required. The flavor and intensity of spices in the meat are to the point while the pita is always fresh too. If you are in a mood to have food that is filling and yummy as well as economical, do try out this place.

Environment and Ambience

People that have visited the restaurant have always been satisfied with its services. The restaurant is not very big or fancy and provides a home-like feel so that you can completely enjoy your food. It also promises hygiene and is always clean, and they never compromise on the quality of the food offered.

This place is simple and lacks extra decoration but still, its ambience attracts customers, and they love every bit of their experience.

Staff and Service

The staff at this place is extremely professional and welcoming. They treat each customer with extreme respect and try to make their dining experience the best so they would visit again in the future. The owner is also very caring and makes sure that there is no lack of expertise in the services provided. The friendly and warm gesture of the employees adds a bonus to the tempting food that is served here at Fattoush Mediterranean Grill.


Fattoush Mediterranean Grill offers an appetizing and savory Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price. The quantity they provide is filling and wholesome. Apart from that, the platters that they serve are reasonable and may be the best food choice you make when you are extremely hungry and low on cash!

Final Verdict

If you get a chance to visit Brampton or you live there, and you are a lover of Mediterranean cuisine, Fattoush Mediterranean Grill must be a go-to place for you. You will cherish the experience of having the best shawarmas and other food items in town, and this will surely be a decision that you will never regret.

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